A Spunky Senior with a Large Mass, Oreo Needs your Help

October 15, 2021

Limping into our Shelter with the Highest of Spirits, Oreo’s Recovery Begins at AHS

When this scruffy, happy, and wobbly little guy came to the shelter, we didn’t know what to think. Happy go lucky Oreo came to us overgrown, skinny and limping- but still sporting that rockstar smile on his adorable face. Concerned for the condition of his leg, Oreo was examined and what we originally thought was an injury to his leg, ended up being a large tumor hidden under his long, overgrown fur.

After a refreshing haircut, we also discovered Oreo was infested with fleas. Our vet was able to get a better look at the mass on Oreo’s leg and suggested we send him out to one of our medical partners for a closer look. We’re not sure where the future will take Oreo but it’s clear this huge mass on his leg definitely needs attention! Oreo is a sweet senior boy, estimated to be about 8 years old. We can’t imagine what he’s been through, but we’ve never met a pup with higher spirits! After a bit of TLC and a full medical exam on his leg, we’re hoping Oreo will be good as new. We believe Oreo will need a surgery and some further medical treatment before he’s ready for adoption.

Oreo upon arrival

Oreo after his grooming!

Please consider making a donation towards Oreo’s care. All donations to our ResQ Fund go towards supporting the countless animals that come through our doors in need of medical attention, just like Oreo. Your support not only means the world to us, but to them. All proceeds go directly towards the animals in our care. 

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