Help Hayden with his Double ACL Surgery

November 2, 2021

Found Tied to a Pole in Jersey City, Hayden needs your Help

Hayden came into our shelter after being found tied to a pole in Jersey City, NJ. Initially Hayden was shy, but after some time and dedication from our team, he began to open up and show his true colors as the wonderful pup he is. He’s sweet as pie, and you’d never know he had such a rough start in life. When Hayden first arrived, we immediately noticed he was limping on his left back leg and took him in for x-rays.

Upon further examination, Hayden appeared to have cruciate (ACL) tears in both of his knees. Surgery is needed to repair both knees, but his left knee needs attention ASAP. Hayden is an active dog who is going to need a few weeks of bed rest between surgeries. We’re looking for a foster home that can accomodate Hayden as he waits for his forever home. Hayden is currently resting with our Tinton Falls, NJ Shelter. 

On November 1st, Hayden was able to have his first surgery at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital. He’s still searching for a foster home to help him heal while he waits for adoption. 

Hayden, resting in the grass

Hayden, Post Surgery pt 1

Please consider making a donation towards Hayden’s care. All donations to our ResQ Fund go towards supporting the countless animals that come through our doors in need of medical attention, just like Hayden. Your support not only means the world to us, but to them. All proceeds go directly towards the animals in our care.

Checks can be made out to:
Associated Humane Societies
Attn: Hayden’s Surgery
2960 Shafto Rd
Tinton Falls, NJ 07753

To make a donation towards Hayden, and 
other animals that need your help

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