Popcorn Park Animal Refuge Provides Sanctuary for Four New Big Cats

July 29, 2022

AHS Popcorn Park Welcomes Two Tigers & Two Lions from Zoo in Canada

FORKED RIVER, NEW JERSEY — On July 26th, 2022 the Associated Humane Societies Popcorn Park Animal Refuge welcomed four new animals, two tigers and two lions, to the Popcorn Park Animal Refuge, commemorating the 45th Anniversary of providing sanctuary for exotics, wildlife, and farm animals in need.

Originally housed by the Cherry Brook Zoo in Canada, the four felines were relocated when the zoo permanently closed its doors.  The African Lions are brother and sister and are both 8 years of age. The female and male tigers are 7 and 8, respectively.  After two years of preparation and planning, we are so excited to finally have all four of these animals in the sanctuary of Popcorn Park, where they will receive refuge for the rest of their lives.

All four big cats were transported to Popcorn Park from the Granby Zoo, also located in Canada, who has housed and cared for them while arrangements could be made for their arrival. Given the challenges of the pandemic along with intricacies of foreign travel, their rescue journey has certainly been a long experience, but one which has proved very rewarding.

“These cats will be a welcome addition to the over 200 animals we provide refuge to.  More importantly, they will provide an educational experience to the nearly 100,000 people who visit us annually. It is gratifying to know that Popcorn Park’s reputation for sanctuary to wildlife in need extends beyond our country’s borders.” Said Jerry Rosenthal, CEO of Associated Humane Societies.

They will be under close observation by our medical team and expert Refuge staff while they grow accustomed to their new surroundings. Our team is taking active steps to make sure the transition to their new homes is as seamless as possible. We ask that visitors to the Refuge be understanding and respectful during their time of transition, as we try to minimize their stress and establish new daily routines. AHS Popcorn Park is holding a contest to rename these beautiful cats and give them a complete fresh start at life. Visit ahscares.org for more information on how to enter and vote!

“It has been a very long journey for these four cats. Finally, just shy of two years, we are so excited and relieved that they are now in their forever homes.  We are so thankful for the collaboration of Zoo de Granby who provided excellent care since their arrival from Cherry Brook a little over a year ago, and In-Sync Exotics who made the trip from Texas to Canada to provide transportation to their permanent home. Special thanks to Senator Raymond Lesniak for his perseverance in helping relocate these cats to New Jersey. This relocation would not have been possible without the tremendous support of Tigers in America.  We are honored that these four animals will be sharing the rest of their lives with us and looking forward to them settling into our Popcorn Park family.” Says John Bergmann, Executive Director of Popcorn Park.

All four animals will join our Wildlife Club and be available for sponsorship. Additionally, if you would like to donate towards their care you can do so through our Big Cat Rescue Fund.  The addition of these four new residents nearly doubles our Big Cat population and expenses.  We rely on our supporters to provide them with the best care possible.

On September 10th, Popcorn Park Animal Refuge will celebrate our 45th year of operation with a special anniversary event, which will include an official welcoming ceremony for these cats. The public is invited to join us for this special celebration. Please visit AHSCares.org for more information on the 45th Anniversary and to donate to their care.

We would like to thank our rescue partners Tigers in America and In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center for assisting us with transportation and logistics as they have been an integral part of this process. AHS Popcorn Park is extremely grateful for their guidance and support in helping provide these big cats sanctuary within our Refuge.

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