Take a chance on some of the dogs in our care! Our “Take a Chance” pups are dogs who have been in our care for a lengthy amount of time and just need some additional TLC. These dogs are available for rescues to pull, or skilled adopters to take on. Some of these dogs entered our care with less than ideal pasts. These dogs in particular have a difficult time settling into an already stressful shelter, and desperately need a change of scenery.

Interested in learning more? Contact SLaraway@ahsppz.org

Moses, a volunteer and staff favorite, needs his shot at a second chance

Moses is 8 years young with so much vitality and personality! A little bit about Moses: he needs a chance to get to know you and grow a trusting bond. He’s amazing with people he’s familiar with, Moses is very affectionate and welcomes all sorts of pets and scratches, he’s got an outgoing and friendly personality plus he’s adorable. Overall he’s a calm, loving and laid back dude. He loves a good walk and never turns down the opportunity for a treat. When evaluated, Moses shared his toys well, but does not share his food bowl and should not be exposed to bones. We suggest an adult only home due to previous history for this goober and while he is dog friendly, suggest he be the only pet in his forever home. Giving Moses time do decompress after his very long stay in the shelter is something that would help him tremendously! Interested in learning more? Contact SLaraway@ahsppz.org


Adorable Hunter Needs his Second Chance!

Hunter, who is 5 years old and absolutely adorable, needs some time to decompress and destress from the shelter. Hunter has been here quite a long time, about a year and a half. Hunter is looking for a rescue organization to take a chance on him. A little bit about Hunter, he came to us as a stray and he’s wary of people, he can be timid meeting new faces for the first time. Hunter is not confident in himself so trusting is a process for him. Something that helps him open up is going for walks, which he’s great at, walking loosely and rarely pulling. He can be jumpy at times on walks. Hunter has a playful energy about him, but he does calm and chill out after a bit. With his toys he plays and leaves them, as well as bones- he knows the “leave it” command. He is gentle with treats and sits, he loves jerky treats and can’t get enough! When approached at his food bowl, Hunter can be afraid. Hunter would do great in an adult only home- he hasn’t been tested with dogs so unsure about a canine sibling. Interested in learning more? Contact SLaraway@ahsppz.org


Chance is a staff favorite!

Chance is a stunning 3.5 year old looking for a rescue organization to take a chance on him. Chance originally came to our shelter as a stray. After a few months stay at the shelter, Chance was adopted and unfortunately returned just a month later in favor of a younger puppy the family adopted shortly after getting Chance. After Chance came back from what we thought would be his forever home, he met family after family and none were the right fit for him. Chance‘s time in the shelter grew. Extended periods of time in a shelter can be stressful for dogs and while we try to offer much enrichment, that stress can build up over time. A little about Chace- he’s an excitable, smiling boy with a sunny personality. He’s not trusting with strangers right off the bat, he’s the type of dog who needs to get to know you before he is comfortable. He is very excited over treats, car rides and walks in the park. Chance generally allows his whole body to be touched and pet, but he is uncomfortable having his paws touched. Chance does guard his toys, and would need to be the only pet in an adult household due to previous bite history. Interested in learning more? Contact SLaraway@ahsppz.org


Raven needs some TLC!

Raven has been working hard at our Tinton Falls shelter with our resident trainer. At first, Raven appears unpredictable, full of energy, and full of anxiety, but in reality she’s extremely fearful & insecure. Raven is weary of strangers, but once she gets to know you she won’t leave your side. Raven needs to be placed as an only dog with an adult only home, who has limited visitors. Raven has been working one on one with select volunteers and our trainer, which has made a significant impact on her behavior while in our care. Since being on a specific training regiment, Raven is about 50% less kennel reactive, she playbows at other dogs, and she’s meeting new volunteers, and she no longer growls or tries to bite. Raven needs structure and leadership in her future home, as well as a proper outlet for her energy & anxiety. She’s currently working on “heel” “sit” “stay” “drop it” and she can walk past other dogs with no reaction. Interested in helping Raven? Contact our Tinton Falls Shelter at tintonfallsahs@ahsppz.org


Meet Shy Twinkie!

Twinkie is a 5 year old pittie mix, looking for a rescue organization to take a chance on her. Twinkie has been in the shelter for about a year looking for her forever home. What we thought was her happily ever after unfortunately ended with Twinkie being returned. We would describe her as pent up and stressed out. Though she gets out for walks and enjoys enrichment, the shelter has taken it’s toll on her. When you first meet Twinkie she is not what we would describe as warm and fuzzy. She needs ample time to warm up to new faces as she is very unsure.  A little intro into Twinkie’s personality: she’s rather unsure and timid upon first meeting her, she has lots of energy when out on walks and she does pull, and she does not get along with other animals so she would need to be the only pet in an adult only home due to history. She’s a high energy girl who would thrive from getting out of the shelter and into a rescue organization who can help her destress from the shelter, can give her lots of time to play and has experience with dogs who do not share food or toys.
Interested in learning more about Twinkie? Please contact slaraway@ahsppz.org