When will people learn…

May 19, 2021

These puppies are positively precious, are they not?  What is not so precious is the fact that people are so irresponsible, even in this day and age.  When there are low-cost spay/neuter clinics, when animal shelters spay and neuter pets prior to adoptions, why on earth are people still not spaying and neutering their pets?! 

This beautiful mom, Gina, came to us in late April from a bad situation.  Gina and several other dogs were living in a home when their owner had a medical emergency.  Animal Control was called out to remove the two females from the residence and due to them being very pregnant, defensive, and fearful, an animal control officer (not ours) maced them in the face to get them out of the home.  One female, Oreo, was taken to our Tinton Falls facility and the other, Gina, was taken to AHS/Popcorn Park. 

Both females were heavily scarred from old and new bites wounds all over their bodies.  We later learned that Gina (mostly black) is Oreo’s mother, yet the two fought badly, likely protecting their puppies as they each had several litters throughout their lives.  We are unclear as to how many males were in the home, but both Gina and Oreo were probably very protective of their puppies from them as well.

They’re great moms, but shouldn’t have to go through this…

Both dogs gave birth:  Gina the day after she arrived and Oreo a week later.  Gina is a little older and it’s such a shame that she has had countless litters.  Despite it all, she is one of the best mothers we’ve ever seen.  She takes excellent care of her puppies (as you can see by their big bellies!) and they are all doing well.  Gina is extremely protective of her pups and it’s heartbreaking to see her in a constant state of fear of someone hurting her or her puppies.  These dogs should have been pets, not baby machines, and they should never have had to fight with others to defend themselves or their puppies. 

Adopt, don’t Shop!

PLEASE, we beg of you, spay and neuter your pets!  If you ADOPT your pet from a shelter or rescue, the spay/neuter is included in the adoption fee.  It could not be easier, and it’s the least we can do.  Although we love these little puppies, and kittens too, with shelters overflowing with unwanted pets across the country, we do not need to add to the population. 

Obviously these puppies are just babies and will need to be with their mothers for 8 to 12 weeks.  They will be posted here on our website and our social media when they become available, and we are not taking advanced applications.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of these two families and the many others that come to us in need of help. And please spread the word:  SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!

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