Career Cats

Add a Career Cat to your yard!

At AHS, we take in hundreds of cats every month. Many of these cats are true strays, or feral, meaning that they have lived their entire lives outside and would not be suited for a traditional indoor/home-like environment. When they cannot be returned to their neighborhoods because of safety concerns, we adopt and relocate them to barns, farms, and other places where they can safely and comfortably live while also providing a service to humans (rodent control). 

All of our cats are spayed/neutered (you won’t have to worry about kittens!), vaccinated for rabies and FVRCP, and healthy upon arrival. They are tested for FIV, FeLV, and heartworm before they leave the shelter. They are also micro-chipped and ear-tipped. Please review our medical guide and let us know if you have any questions. 

We provide these cats to you at no cost, and we deliver!

What’s the process to adopt a Career Cat?

Your cat(s) will need to be held in a large crate/cage for two weeks. This is very important to be sure they can acclimate to their surroundings accordnigly. These two weeks will allow them to get used to the new smells, sights, and sounds of their new enviornment.

If a cat was to simply be released onto the property, there is a high probability they will run away, or end up in a dangerous situation. While they’re in this two week transition period, they will need food, water, and their litter box cleaned. AHS will provide all supplies and set up their transition crate for these two weeks.

What is the cost?

This is a FREE program. Donations are appreciated but not required.


How far will you travel?

Depending on how many cats you are willing to take we will drive up to 90 minutes from Newark, New Jersey.

What is required of me?


For the first two weeks, your cat(s) will need to be taken care of in the large crate/cage by providing food, water, and a clean litter box.

Once your cat(s) is able to be released, we require a large amount of land where the cats can roam in addition to an indoor area where they can have 24/7 access. They may need straw or a safe source of warmth throughout the winter months.

Although your cat(s) will be released onto your property after two weeks, you are still required to provide daily food and access to clean water. Cats will still hunt rodents even if they’re well fed, it’s a natural instinct.

If additional medical care is required, you are responsible for providing the necessary care they may need. We suggest researching a veterinarian in your area that will accept outdoor cats in an emergency. 

Your cat(s) will come fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered before arrival. Most people do not vaccinate yearly, that is personal choice, however if a cat was sick or injured, they would need to be trapped and transported to a veterinarian in your area.

Barn cats can become to be cherished parts of a Farm or Homestead! 

All cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

Fill out the application below and a team member will reach out with next steps on adding a Career Cat to your life!