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Fostering Pets in Your Home

There’s nothing more rewarding than giving a break to a shelter pet in need. All three of our shelters are constantly looking for foster homes to help dogs, cats, kittens, and even puppies in need of a temporary home to help us save even more lives. As a foster parent, you’re not only providing a better life for the animals in your care, but you’re freeing up space in our shelters to help the many other animals that come through our doors every single day. 

Why Foster? 

  • Fosters are temporary companions in need of some extra TLC before they find a forever home.


  • You’ll be socialzing a shelter animal, helping them become more adoptable and providing insight on how they are in a home setting.


  • Have a spare bedroom? That’s more than enough space to help in some capacity!


  • You’re making a huge difference in the lives of your fosters and the animals in our shelters.

Sign up to Foster Today!

Fostering is one of the most important ways you can help AHS! Providing a temporary home to the animals in our care helps us save more lives. Whether it’s a litter of kittens or a dog in need of a soft landing, we’d love your help!

Does Fostering Count as Volunteering?

Fostering is considered volunteering! If you can’t make it into the shelter to volunteer, fostering is an excellent way to help out!


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