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Adoption Questionnaire

All of our shelter pets awaiting adoption can be seen here! For an expedited adoption process, fill out the adoption questionnaire online, and schedule a meet & greet with the pet you’re interested in.

To begin the adoption process, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire under the shelter you wish to adopt from. Once we recieve it, our team will review the questionnaire and an Adoption Counselor will contact you for an appointment.


Each animal is spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and has received a full medical workup before they’re placed up for adoption.

Benefits for Animals

Every animal that comes into our care is up to date on vaccines, medically evaluated, and spay/neutered before adoption. Your pet will be microchipped, and registered upon adoption. All pets are medically cleared while they’re in our care. If they need medical treatment, surgery, or a follow up, AHS will coordinate with the adopter if it’s not already completed upon adoption. 

Adoption Policies

For the protection of the animals in our care, the Society has a list of policies and guidelines that will assure the happiest of endings for the new pet and its family.  This list is available at the front desk of each of our shelters and in reading it and signing it, adopters understand the importance of certain protocols.  For example, we are very careful in our adoptions of small and/or young kittens and puppies to families with children under five years of age or homes where there may be many children of young ages.  Small children are often lacking in coordination and unintentionally injure tiny animals.  To prevent such trauma, we help families select the best pet for everyone in the household. 

Health Guarantee & Requirements

We stand behind the health of the animals we adopt, and want nothing more than our newly adopted pets to be happy and healthy.  However, there may be instances where an animal is harboring an undetectable illness, and we are prepared to address these issues at no additional cost to the owner provided they follow certain guidelines.  At the completion of each adoption, the new pet owner will be asked to sign several forms, one of them a health guarantee which includes the written requirements of what conditions must be met by the adopter for the Society to fulfill our part of the agreement and treat any animal needing care.  This guarantee provides for follow-up care for any adopted animal within certain reasonable limits and how they can be met. 

Spay / Neuter Policy

The Society aggressively pursues the neutering of all animals adopted through its facilities. All animals will be spayed/neutered before the formal adoption.