Other Ways to Donate

There are so many ways you can donate to AHS / Popcorn Park!

You’ll find several unique opportunities to support all of the animals cared for by Associated Humane Societies’ animal care facilities, and the residents at Popcorn Park Animal Refuge.  These include the Share-A-Pet Program, The Popcorn Park Wildlife Club, The Popcorn Park Zoological Society, the Vested Interest Fund, Res-Q Fund, the TNVR Fund, and more! Of course, if you wish to make a general donation, AHS will carefully apply your gift where it is needed most, and if you have toured our website, you know caring for thousands of animals annually offers many opportunities!

Spay / Neuter Services

Donate Stocks to AHS!

Thank you so much for thinking of Associated Humane Societies and Popcorn Park Animal Refuge for a stock gift. To make a gift of stock or securities, please utilize the following information:


A/C name: Associated Humane Societies, Inc (EIN 22-1487122)

  • DTC: 0226
  • Acct: #676-773275

With transfer questions, please contact us via gifts@ahsppz.org or call 973-824-7080

Donate to our ResQ Fund!

The ResQ Fund is a unique fund that was established long ago for the sole purpose of providing emergency medical care for animals that Associated Humane Societies rescues.  This fund provides surgical or other intensive medical care to dogs and cats, but to all animals that need help and have suffered excessively cruel or neglectful treatment.  Care may require the help of emergency facilities after hours, outside veterinary specialists, long-term care for chronic conditions, and rehabilitative care.  The ResQ Fund covers the cost of this care that is given to any animal that has been the victim of cruelty, neglect, or abandonment, and is funded completely by donations from our supporters.  We strive to rescue, help, and heal all animals that come to us in need, and find them adoptive homes or ensure another happy outcome.

Vested Interest Fund

The Vested Interested Fund was established in memory of a Solo, a three year old German Shepherd with the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office who died in the line of duty on June 5, 1998.  Solo was shot and killed while pursuing a suspect in a building in Asbury Park, NJ.  He had an extraordinary record of 19 apprehensions and he’d located 11 missing persons in his short but heroic life.

How Could We Help?

Upon hearing of Solo’s death, the Associated Humane Societies wanted to find a way to protect other New Jersey K-9’s from experiencing a similar tragedy.  We sought out body armor companies and invited law enforcement departments to bring in their K-9’s to try out several vests.  We finalized the details and the Vested Interest Fund was born.

Start your Own Fundraiser for AHS!

Consider making a fundraising page to share with your friends and raise money for AHS/Popcorn Park! Click the button below to set up your own fundraising page, completely customizable to your needs! Upload photos, write your mission, and share with your friends! 100% of the proceeds go towards the animals in our care. 

Add your Legacy to the Arbor of Love

The Arbor of Love is a beautifully designed bronze sculpture located at our Forked River facility. The tree is made of leaves, acorns and foundation stones as well as several small trees. Your choice from these elements may be engraved with your personal message to honor or memorialize a loved one or a beloved pet.  Each part of the tree corresponds with a specific donation amount for various types of memorials or honorariums. The Arbor of Love is a striking and permanent way to recognize someone special.

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