Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return Program

What is TNVR?

The cat is trapped safely in it’s environment
The cat is spay/neutered to prevent unwanted litters
The cat is vaccinated against rabies and other disease
The cat is returned back to it’s original environment

TNVR has been proven to decrease the nusance behavior of feral cats as well as prevent unwanted litters of kittens. Cat fights, spraying, unwanted litters, and so much more begin to greatly reduce as soon as three months after TNVR is introduced. Cats who are altered generally don’t stray too far from their food, which limits their interaction with the general public, keeping them safe in their colony or backyard.

How to Help your Community Cats

Community Cats are also called strays, ferals, or neighborhood cats. These cats generally live outside where food is readily available. Dumpsters, colonies, and busy areas tend to have the biggest community cat populations.  These cats thrive outside and don’t have an owner. 

When community cats are left intact, they continually reproduce and cause a multitude of issues in their territories. TNVR is the best and safest solution to control our community cat populations. 

Donate to our TNVR Fund


We need your help to continue to have positive outcomes for community cats.  Please donate to our TNVR Fund to assist us in this very important work for homeless cats throughout NJ.  If you know of community l cats that need help, please contact the shelter that services your community.