Put Your Best Paw Forward was is our newly rolled out program for dogs in our care that need a little extra training. Teaming up with Behavior Plus, we’re able to sponsor candidates from our shelter to embark on a day camp training program, and it’s been a huge success! Sanford, who has been waiting for his forever home just about a year and a half, was our resident pilot pup to go through this program. For a few hours every day, Sanford would go visit our friends at Behavior Plus for a few hours of training specifically geared toward Sanford’s needs. Sanford’s behavior dramatically changed from extremely stressed, to a bouncy puppy who looked forward to his next day at camp! After a few weeks of training, Sanford was a shining star and found his forever home immediately! 


Sanford, our first Graduate!

Sanford was our first pup to go through the Behavior Plus training program. After a spending over a year and a half in the shelter, Sanford quickly found his forever home after graduation!

Sanford – ADOPTED!

Hunter, our 2nd Pup on the Behavior Plus Roster!

Hunter, who is 5 years old and absolutely adorable, needs some time to decompress and destress from the shelter. Hunter has been here quite a long time, about a year and a half. Hunter is our second dog sponosred to participate in the Behavior Plus training program! After Hunter’s first day, we received a glowing report that he’s doing well and enjoying his time learning new things! 

Hunter – Currently Training!