Put Your Best Paw Forward is our newly rolled out program for dogs in our care that need a little extra training. Teaming up with Behavior Plus, we’re able to sponsor candidates from our shelter to embark on a day camp training program, and it’s been a huge success! Sanford, who has been waiting for his forever home just about a year and a half, was our resident pilot pup to go through this program. For a few hours every day, Sanford would go visit our friends at Behavior Plus for a few hours of training specifically geared toward Sanford’s needs. Sanford’s behavior dramatically changed from extremely stressed, to a bouncy puppy who looked forward to his next day at camp! After a few weeks of training, Sanford was a shining star and found his forever home immediately! 


Sanford, our first Graduate!

Sanford was our first pup to go through the Behavior Plus training program. After a spending over a year and a half in the shelter, Sanford quickly found his forever home after graduation!


Hunter, our 2nd Pup on the Behavior Plus Roster!

Hunter, who is 5 years old and absolutely adorable, needs some time to decompress and destress from the shelter. Hunter has been here quite a long time, about a year and a half. Hunter is our second dog sponosred to participate in the Behavior Plus training program! After Hunter’s first day, we received a glowing report that he’s doing well and enjoying his time learning new things! 


Sanford, our first Graduate!

This boy is going through the “Put Your Best Paw Forward” training program and is looking for his forever home! Chance has gotten great marks while at training. His trainers say with new commands he picks up very quickly like he’s eager to learn and please. He walks well on the leash and is improving his skills everyday. Chance is 3 years old, looking for an adult only family and while he doesn’t mind other dog would probably do best without others.

This handsome hunk is an awesome, obedient dog who is graduating from training very soon!!! Please inquire to adopt Chance! (Chance does go to training multiple times a week for almost the whole day, please call 973-824-7080 to inquire if he will be at the shelter before dropping by!)


Hunter, our 2nd Pup on the Behavior Plus Roster!

Lexington gives off GBV- good boy vibes!

This labrador/pittie mix is the dog of our dreams! Lexington is as beautiful as the day is long, with his adorable floppy ears how could you resist this boy? Lexington is a dog friendly boy looking to live in a home with teenagers. He’s just over 1 year old so he’s got some residual puppy energy, but Lexington is very friendly! He’s got a super cheerful personality, he loves to be pet and is plenty silly.
Lexington is pretty friendly with most dogs so if you have a potential canine buddy for him bring them down. Lex is super treat motivated, he loves to chow down but he’s sure to be gentle, but he doesn’t love to share his food. Unfortunately this boy was surrendered by his family because they didn’t have enough time to dedicate to him, so we want to make sure this boy gets it right the 2nd time around. Lex needs a family that has enough time to dedicate to caring, exercising and loving this special boy.


Sanford, our first Graduate!

Ghost is nearing his 1 year mark at the shelter- how has this sweet hound not been adopted??

1 year old Ghost is as sweet as can be! He was surrendered as a puppy and is still somehow here. Ghost has spent a little while at the shelter learning new commands and skills like walking. Ghost is going through an awesome training program and his progress is amazing! We can’t wait for this goober to find a forever home! He’s looking for a home with older children, he seems a little selective with his canine friends so we’d say no dogs in the home. Looks may be deceiving, but Ghost is a pretty big boy and he’s got a big loving heart to match! This goofy boy is sitting patiently to meet you!!!