Lost Pet Guide

Oh No! I lost my pet!

If you have a lost pet, please call any of our shelters with a description of your pet at your earliest opportunity. Be sure to call your local Police Department non-emergency number and file a report with your local Animal Control. 

The Associated Humane Societies, under NJ State law is required to hold stray animals for seven days. After the stray holding period is up, any stray animal can be put up for adoption, moved into a foster home, or transferred to another shelter.

Lost Pet Flyer


Download our Lost Pet Template and post your flyer around town, in stores, and anywhere you see fit.

Lost Pet Resources

Here are some other things that
may help you locate your lost pet:


  • Check on social media pages, and the Nextdoor App
  • Send an alert on the Ring Neighbors App
  • Notifiy your vet, and surrounding veterinarians
  • Use our downloadble flyer and post it around the neighborhood
  • Visit other animal shelters in your area
  • check Craigslist
  • Don’t give up hope, pets have been found months after being lost!

Animal Control Resources:

Follow These Steps!

Call your Local
Animal Shelter

Call your Local
Police Department
Non-Emergency Number

Call your Local
Veterinary Hospitals

Other New Jersey Shelters: Click here for a full list