July 5, 2021

This pretty dog named Miracle sure could use a miracle of her own.  That’s really not asking for so much because to Miracle, all that means is a safe, loving home where she’ll be treated with kindness and respect, and given all of the love, attention, and good care that she deserves.  It’s very likely that at seven years old, Miracle may never have experienced that.

When she arrived at our Newark facility in late May, it was obvious that Miracle led a sad and neglected life.  She was brought in by someone that claimed to have found her as a stray.  She had no serious external injuries but her sad eyes and the defeated look about her suggested that she was suffering.  That became all the more clear when we later received a phone call indicating that Miracle was not a stray, but was in fact, living her life in terrible conditions in an auto shop in the city of Newark.  When a worker in the shop noticed that Miracle was suffering, he took matters into his own hands and brought her to AHS for help.

Medical examination revealed that Miracle was suffering with a parasitic infection and she was in generally poor condition.  She was spayed and her ailments were treated and soon, this shy, withdrawn, depressed girl began to come out of her shell.  Miracle now soaks up all the attention she is given and her sad eyes were replaced with a smile and a tail wag.  Miracle is on the mend now and in need of a fresh start in life.

She’s an easy-going, gentle, sweet dog that loves everyone she meets and just asks for that kind of wonderful home that she’s yet to experience.  If interested in adopting Miracle, please contact AHS at 124 Evergreen Ave., Newark at 973-824-7080.  If you can’t adopt, please donate to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Miracle, and all of the other animals that we provide miracles for on a daily basis here at AHS.  Thank you for your support!

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