Boo Boo The Bear Gets a Checkup

October 28, 2021

Its already October, can you believe that? And it’s the time of year Boo Boo gets her health exam and grooming. Late last week we got everything ready for her exam and our veterinarian sedated her. At 25 she doesn’t shed her summer coat very well, she can’t groom herself like she once did so she needs a little help and our staff loves to oblige, they get to be close to her and brush her while she’s asleep. In addition to all the grooming she also had a wellness check, her blood drawn for a work up, a dental cleaning , her exam and all her vaccinations. She did well on everything. We took the opportunity while she recovered in her den to do a little landscaping in her yard and she was back out the next morning checking it out.

Would you like to sponsor Boo Boo and become a member of our Wildlife Club? You will receive letters and photos from Boo Boo 3 times a year plus passes to the Park to visit her… Then please check out her story and how to sponsor her here…. 

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