Rosa’s Healing Journey began with AHS

February 15, 2022

Found with a huge wound on her face, Rosa is finally on the mend

Rosa looked like a mummy when she first came to the shelter. Her head was wrapped up in gauze after being found by a good Samaritan. We could only imagine what was under those bandages. What we saw was a huge wound on the side of her face stretching up to her ear. All we could think was “What could have happened to cause this?”. Our medical staff sees the worst of the worst, but even the sight of Rosa left them speechless. Rosa was in an immense amount of pain from the gaping wound which was immediately disinfected and was put on medication to fight infection and reduce her pain and discomfort.

Some weeks later, Rosa is all healed up! She will be left with some scarring at the site of the wound but she’s as beautiful as ever and available for adoption right now! This brindle baby is a high energy girl with a personality like no other! She’s sweet and sensitive, and always down for lots and lots of love. Rosa is ready to leave the memory of her trauma in the past and start anew! Rosa is at our Tinton Falls shelter waiting for adoption!

Rosa, all healed and ready for her new home

Rosa, safe, smiling, and happy!

Please consider making a donation towards Rosa’s care. All donations to our ResQ Fund go towards supporting the countless animals that come through our doors in need of medical attention, just like Rosa. Your support not only means the world to us, but to them. All proceeds go directly towards the animals in our care.

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