Boy Scouts help Popcorn Park in Late Mayor’s Honor

April 29, 2022

Scout Troop 56 Remembers Mayor Juliano 

Local Boy Scout Troop 56 sponsored by PBA 238 wanted to do something to help the community as well as honor the memory of our late Mayor Nicholas Juliano, who was a great friend and supporter of Popcorn Park.  Scout masters and troops knew of his love of animals and wanted to continue the kindness of Mayor Juliano and his family with helping clear the grounds of leaves, pine needles and broken branches that this past winter has left behind.  About 25 scouts of all ages arrived at 9 am sharp and set out to work raking and bagging.  After 3 trailer loads and trips down to the township recycling center, our picnic area and parking lot looked amazing.  In true Scout tradition of “Leaving no Trace”, the young men lined up arm’s length away from one another and walked every inch of their work areas to ensure all was clean.  After all of their hard work, they had a nice stroll throughout the park to meet our residents, who were equally appreciative of their efforts.  Thank you Troop 56! 

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