Evangeline Needs your Support

June 1, 2022

Coming to AHS as a Stray, Evangeline Needs some TLC

For those that believe they can, “set free” their unwanted pet bunny, perhaps ask this little domestic rabbit how she feels about it. This sweet, innocent little creature was surely someone’s pet and we’ll never know what transpired in her life that led her to become in the severely injured state that she is in today. She’s safe now, and we hope that her story will bring awareness to the fact that domestic small pets cannot survive in the wild.

The young, female rabbit was found in a resident’s backyard with completely shredded ears. She was immediately taken to our veterinarian upon arrival, who determined that the injuries to her ears are likely recent. She was cleaned up and given antibiotics and pain medication and she is now resting comfortably, but her ears are gone. She has been named Evangeline and we’re looking forward to the day that she is healed and ready to move on to a loving home, where no harm will ever come to her again.

Evangeline is one of several domestic rabbits that have come to AHS/Popcorn Park recently that were found outside. She is the worst case scenario, where serious bodily harm was sustained but this could have happened to any one of them. We cannot stress enough the fact that domestic pets cannot be released in the wild. They do not have survival instincts and they are easy prey. We’ve seen rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more, abandoned outdoors and we are always grateful to the good samaritans that find and bring them to us, but we fear for the ones that are never found. Please, if you can no longer care for your small pet, call your local shelter or rescue and turn them in. No pet deserves this.

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