Maximus the Tortoise Celebrates 67th Birthday

September 15, 2023

Rescued from a neglectful home in 2011, Max Celebrated his 67th Birthday at Popcorn Park Animal Refuge

Maximus, our resident Aldabra Tortoise, celebrated his birthday at Popcorn Park on September 14th! Max is 67 years young, especinally since Aldabra Tortoises can live up to 150 years. Weighing over 400lbs, Max is a big boy who has left a big impression on the hearts of staff and visitors alike over the years!

Max was rescued by our team in 2011 from a neglectful home, but has happily resided at Popcorn Park for the past 12 years. We are so thankful that Max gets to spend his time receiving all the love he so greatly deserves.

Max and his friend Chuck shared a delicious, leafy salad!

Max has been a cherished member of the Refuge ever since his arrival in 2011, forming an especially close friendship to Popcorn Park Director, John Bergmann. To make his day extra special, Max enjoyed a delicious birthday salad in the company of his buddy, Chuck the cavy.

Max’s Rescue Story

Max was one of four Aldabra Tortoises who were illegally kept by a Highlands, NJ resident. The tortoises were kept outside in an undersized area with no veterinary care nor proper permits. 

Thankfully, the Division of Fish and Wildlife contacted Popcorn Park’s Director, John Bergmann, to remove the tortoises. 

Upon arrival at Popcorn Park, veterinary exams of the ill-kept tortoises revealed upper respiratory infections, cracks in some of their shells, and found Max with a large, older wound on top of his shell. Treatment began for all four, with a plan for them to go to a nearby zoo.

However, Max and John Bergmann developed an immediate friendship, so Max has stayed right here and has called Popcorn Park home ever since!

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