Senior Shih Tzu Shadow Gets a Fresh Start

September 14, 2023

From Matted to Marvelous : Shadow is Ready for a New Home!

After arriving at our Newark Shelter, our groomer immediately went to work! 

Senior boy Shadow absolutely broke our hearts when he arrived this week so matted and dirty. No dog should ever have to experience the pain and discomfort of matting. With matting this severe, the safest and most humane way to remove the mats is to clip his hair very short.  

When Shadow arrived, our groomer immediately stopped everything she was doing to tend to Shadow’s obvious need of care. She began the slow and tedious work, moving carefully so as not to pull or nick his sensitive skin. Little by little clumps of matted hair fell away, revealing the cutest little Shih Tzu underneath!

Shadow is feeling like a brand new dog! 

Now, Shadow is a brand new dog! He’s a 14 year old shih tzu who is rocking a whole new look! With his painful mats gone, he is feeling so much better and is ready to start fresh in a new home!

Shadow has been at the shelter a very short time but his need to find a forever home is so obvious. He may be a senior, but he has so much love to give and is so deserving of a wonderful place to spend his golden years.

Is there anyone out there with a heart big enough for a senior dog like Shadow?

Contact our Newark Shelter for More Info:

124 Evergreen Ave, Newark, NJ

(973) 824 – 7080

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