Lilac Needs Your Support!

June 22, 2024

After a lifetime of neglect, Lilac finds safety at AHS

After she was found wandering by the State Police, it was clear Lilac was in desperate need of veterinary care

We can’t imagine what this dog has gone through, but when Lilac looks up at you, she has a look about her as if even she knows that she deserved so much better.  We’re righting all of the wrongs in this beautiful dog’s life but it’s going to take time, as she has lived what appears to be a lifetime of neglect.

Lilac was found wandering around the town of West Creek, NJ recently by the State Police.  When Lilac was picked up, we were devastated to see that she was clearly nursing, but her puppies were nowhere to be found.

Worse yet is the fact that someone was breeding this poor dog who is suffering with a plethora of medical conditions including a severe skin infection, which caused secondary infections of the ears, etc.  Someone decided to crop Lilac’s ears very closely to her head but could not be bothered to spay her, or treat any medical condition that she’s ever had to deal with.  It’s heartbreaking, to say the least. 

We call every dog, “sweet” but when you meet Lilac you’ll see…..she is beyond sweet!  To be in her condition, and to have a missing litter of puppies, but still swing her whole rear-end back and forth when she meets you is such a testament to her strength and resilience.  Lilac is only about two or three years old and she absolutely loves everyone that she comes across.  She greets other dogs with a softened expression and lazily swishing tail, and she leans against every person she meets to get as much attention as they’ll give her.

Lilac is currently on a wide variety of medications to treat her skin conditions and she’s making great progress already!  We’re so thankful that we have your support, which enables us to help animals in need such as Lilac.  Please consider making a donation on her behalf!

Lilac is in need of a fabulous foster home to continue on with her recovery.  If you are interested in fostering Lilac, please contact our foster coordinator at 609-693-1900 or for the details.  If you’d like to adopt Lilac, please fill out your application here: Adoption Application

Contact our Forked River Shelter for More Info:

1 Humane Way, Forked River, NJ 08731

(609) 693 – 1900

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