Apparently Gilligan and Professor were never friends…

May 22, 2021

Even the smallest animal deserves the best that we can do for them, and we’re sure doing all we can do for our beautiful bunny friend, Professor.  This two year old Dwarf lop-eared bunny came to us at AHS/Popcorn Park in such desperate need of help.  Professor was turned in with another rabbit, Gilligan, when their owner could no longer care for them on May 1st.  We noticed quickly that Professor and Gilligan did not get along at all.  Gilligan did not sustain any significant injuries and was healthy and quickly adopted.  Sadly this was not the case for Professor. 

Gilligan (Adopted already!)


Professor was in generally poor condition.  He was malnourished, his coat was patchy, he had urine scalding on his belly and his rear end was dirty and matted.  Worse than all of this was his severe leg deformity.  Whether caused by injury or by a congenital deformity, or a combination of both, Professor’s hind leg was in bad shape.  X-rays revealed a poorly healed femoral fracture which caused Professor to ambulate on his hock.  He was unable to get around properly with the useless leg, so amputation was necessary.

Professor underwent surgery on May 12th and we’re happy to say that he’s recovering nicely!  He is nearly all healed and he now gets around so much better.  Professor has also gained weight, his coat is clean and no longer patchy, and he is happy as can be.  He spends his days getting lots of attention from the staff who just adore him, and let him hang out on our front desk to add some bunny-brightness to the office.  Professor is still dealing with a bit of intestinal upset, but nothing that can’t be straightened out with his good diet. 

Professor is ready to begin his search for a great new home where he’ll get all of the love, attention, and good care that he deserves.  If you’re interested in adopting him, please contact AHS/Popcorn Park at 609-693-1900 or email:  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Professor and the many other animals, big and small, that get all they need to make a fresh start in life.  Thanks so much for your support.

Post-surgery, Professor is on the road to recovery...

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