Miss Lady’s Rescue Story

May 19, 2021

How anyone could be so inconsiderate and heartless to a helpless little dog is just beyond us.  Back in mid-March, this adorable, young Maltese was hit by a car on a Newark, NJ street.  A passerby witnessed a driver hit the little dog and when the person ran after the driver, she was nearly run over herself!  The driver sped away and thankfully, the witness came to the rescue of the injured dog and brought her to our Newark facility.  She was badly injured and couldn’t walk and after stabilizing her, she was taken to a veterinary hospital for further treatment and round the clock care.

Miss Lady as she has since been named, suffered a fractured pelvis and a distal femoral fracture in her hind leg.  For several weeks she remained on strict cage-rest and was made comfortable with pain medications.  Her condition quickly improved with all of the good care she received!  Miss Lady underwent surgery to repair cherry eye and was spayed also, and after she recuperated, she was transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park.

Nothing gets this little dog down despite all she’s been through.  She’s only around two years old and she’s full of energy and happiness!  Miss Lady absolutely loves every single person she comes in contact with and we can’t imagine how she ever came to be running the city streets all alone to begin with.  She’s so friendly and affectionate, and she’s well-behaved too.  Miss Lady has had training in her young life and she was socialized too.  She will need to remain calm and be leash-walked only for a few more

weeks until she’s fully healed, but she sure is on the fast-track to recovery.  If you’re interested in adopting Miss Lady, send an email to:  office@ahsppz.org for an application.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Miss Lady and the many animals like her that get all the need to have a fresh start in life here at AHS.


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