This senior dog led a sad life…

May 26, 2021

We can only imagine the life that this adorable cocker spaniel led prior to being surrendered to our Newark facility recently.  Sky arrive in a very neglected state, with an overgrown, severely matted coat, and several untreated medical conditions.  The owner stated that they took the dog a few months prior from another person that mistreated poor Sky.  Apparently, neither the former owner nor the current one had taken this little senior dog to be groomed, nor was she cared for properly at all.  Sky’s history is a long, convoluted story of being passed around and her microchip traces all the way back to Iowa in 2010.  Whatever her history, whatever her story, that sad past is over, and a new, happy beginning is ahead.

Finally, she got the help she needed…

Sky was groomed immediately, as she could not even be properly examined in the overgrown state she was in.  Once free of her mangled and matted coat, the most beautiful and sweet little dog emerged.  Sadly, she was found to have severe dental disease, a mass on one leg, and chronic dry eye, just to name a few of the conditions that were neglected for so long.  Sky’s treatment began and she rested and recuperated in the medical department for a while in Newark and was later transferred to our Tinton Falls facility to begin her search for a loving and caring home, like she deserves.

Sky will be ready for a new home soon!

Sky is about 13 years old and she’s an absolute doll.  She has a warm, sweet personality and she gets along with other dogs and loves people of all ages.  Sky will be undergoing treatment for her dental disease and she will then be ready for a new home.  She has medical needs that require medication indefinitely which the veterinarian will discuss with potential adopters.  If you are interested in adopting Sky, please contact AHS Tinton Falls at 732-922-0100 or email: and refer to ID#50889.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Sky and so many others like her to that come to us in such a sad state, and are given all that they need for a fresh start in life.  Thanks so much for your support!

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