12 Dogs, 2 Cats, and many Reptiles Removed from Newark Home

December 29, 2023

After years of neglect, over a dozen animals find safety with AHS

After arriving at our Newark Shelter, our veterinary team leaped into action! 

When a distress call came in about 12 dogs and a variety of other neglected animals in dire conditions, our team leapt into action!

Newark and AHS animal control officers, supported by our dedicated team members arrived at a scene that was beyond disturbing – dogs, cats, turtles, a macaw, a bearded dragon, and a snake were found in horrendous conditions. Crates and cages coated in waste and all animals were in varying degrees of emaciation.

Help us provide lifesaving medical care!

The dogs, frightened yet friendly, were walked into our shelter’s medical department with a sense of relief knowing they were finally going to receive the care they deserved.

Now safely in our care, the 12 dogs are undergoing essential care – proper hydration, a structured feeding schedule, and close monitoring by our medical staff.

Our shelter, already grappling with overwhelming medical cases, will not turn away an animal in need. AHS will continue to advocate for all animals in need, and we urgently need support your support. Please consider contributing to our match challenge and help us reach the $100K goal. Every donation makes a difference in giving these animals a chance at a brighter, healthier future.

Contact our Newark Shelter for More Info:

124 Evergreen Ave, Newark, NJ


(973) 824 – 7080

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