Goose Family Gets a Little Help from Friends!

June 7, 2021

Sometimes you just need a little help from friends, like in the case of this goose family in West Creek, NJ.  A resident on Dock Road in West Creek noticed that a family of Canadian Geese took a little dip in a pool of water in the marshy area there.  When the tide went out, the goslings got themselves stuck!  The five little ones kept attempting to get out of the water and back on land, but they were just too small, and kept falling back in.  They seemed to be tiring out so help was called in.

Our AHS/Popcorn Park ACO, Maria Cymanski, arrived on the scene and was able to find a piece of wood that worked perfectly as a plank.  She placed the plank into the pool and waited.  Mom and Dad Goose checked the plank out and quickly figured out what needed to be done.  It took some time but eventually, the babies followed their parents right up the plank!  The family happily waddled off and all is well. 

Great job by the resident for spotting the little ones needing some help, and by Officer Cymanski for once again, coming to the aid of animals in need!

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