Pennywise the Kitten’s Rescue & Rise to Fame

May 17, 2024

Pennywise was rescued from a sewer thanks to a good samaritan and the quick actions of our rescue team! 

When a call came in to our shelter alerting us of a kitten trapped in a sewer, our team quickly sprang to action! Our Animal Control Officer, Adrianna, could hear the kitten softly meowing below the grates as she arrived on scene.

With assistance from the Linden Fire Department, Adrianna climbed into the sewer and with fast reflexes was able to catch the kitten and bring him above ground to safety.

The kitten, now named Pennywise, is being fostered with Adrianna until he is ready to be adopted. It’s safe to say that his life has completely changed for the better – going from life in a sewer to the comforts of home (check out his pictures below!)

Thank you to the Linden Fire Department for coming out to assist with the save! We are so glad we could help give Pennywise a fresh start!

Pennywise’s Story Quickly Went Viral – With His Instagram Video Amassing Over 5 Million Views! 

Pennywise’s story was posted to our social media page and quickly went viral! Since his arrival, he has amassed millions of followers nationwide. Check out the video of his rescue and be sure to follow our social media pages for updates!

Contact our Newark Shelter for More Info:

124 Evergreen Ave, Newark, NJ

(973) 824 – 7080

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