Rescued from the city streets…

June 25, 2021

Samson is just like any other dog;  fun-loving, friendly, sweet, and in need of a great family to love him forever.  He has a minor impairment, but that sure doesn’t impair him from loving life and everyone in it!  Samson was brought to our Newark facility in early May by Newark Animal Control who picked him up as a stray.  He was in great shape, except for the couple of obvious injuries- one to his eye and the other to his hind leg.

The veterinarian examined Samson and noted that the wound on Samson’s left hind leg was very painful and needed tending to.  Samson also had irritation and discharge from both eyes but his left eye was especially concerning.  Samson’s leg was treated and he was prescribed medications, and the 5 year old boy began his road to recovery. 

Samson has since made incredible progress!  A nervous-Nellie at first, Samson has since come out of his shell and is eager to get lots of attention from friends.  His leg is all healed and while he is completely blind in his left eye due to a previous trauma, it doesn’t slow him down.  Samson takes a little time to get used to new friends but once he does, you’re his buddy for life.  He’d do well in a home with kids 10 and up and once he gets accustomed to a new home, you’ll never know that he’s any different from any other dog.  He sure hopes you’ll give him a chance!  If you’d like to meet Samson, stop in at our Newark facility Mon – Fri from 12pm to 3:30, or call 973-824-7080 for a weekend appointment.  If you can’t adopt, please make a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Samson and so many like him that need our help. 

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