Just when we thought things were getting better for Mimi….

July 7, 2021

If Mimi didn’t have bad luck, she would have no luck at all.  While everyone is fighting traffic on the roadways this holiday weekend, our Mimi is fighting for her life, and she could use your thoughts and well wishes.

Mimi has a very sad story- She had a home since she was a puppy and when her owner fell on hard times, Mimi was given away and ended up a neglected and sickly dog, living life at the end of a chain in a car lot in Irvington, NJ.  She was found in such a sad state in the fall of 2020.

Mimi was transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park from our Newark facility in November, 2020.  She was just 88 lbs. when she was found in the car lot and she had a multitude of medical issues.  Despite her sickly state, Mimi couldn’t be any sweeter, or more grateful to get the help that she desperately needed.  She’s gone through so much already from surgery on her eyes, twice, to ultrasounds on her belly, to biopsies, and so much more.  We thought we finally had her just about there, and ready to move on to a great home, now this…..

Mimi began vomiting on Friday, July 2nd and became very lethargic.  Her abdomen was found to be very bloated, so she was rushed to North Star Vets where it was found that Mimi’s stomach had twisted, which is commonly known as “bloat”, and can be fatal if not treated immediately.  Mimi underwent emergency surgery to save her life and during the surgery, her enlarged and irregular spleen was also removed.

Mimi is in recovery now and will stay in the hospital for the next few days.  Once she’s recovered, we will be looking for a foster home for her, as the stress of a kennel environment only adds to Mimi’s issues.  She will also be looking for a forever home.  We’ve all fallen in love with Mimi and hope for nothing but happiness and good health for her from now on.  Please stay tuned for more on Mimi, and please donate to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Mimi and so many like her that we do all that we can for, simply because they deserve it.  Please keep Mimi in your thoughts and prayers.  She needs it!  Thanks so much for your support.  For questions on Mimi, contact us at 609-696-1900 or office@ahsppz.org.


We’re so happy to report that Mimi returned from the hospital and is doing great!  She is recovering from surgery in a wonderful foster home.  Thanks so much for your support of Mimi!

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