Emaciated Puppy Tied to Pole in Newark Needs your Help

August 20, 2021

Found tied to a pole and emaciated, Petunia needs your help

Associated Humane Societies is offering a $1500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual that committed the heinous act of cruelty against a sweet, defenseless puppy in Newark, NJ on August 19th.

Animal Control for the city of Newark received the call at 3:51pm to go out to the Grafton Avenue apartment complex to retrieve a puppy that was abandoned.  The ACO spoke to a witness at the scene who stated that when she saw a car pull in, she assumed they were dumping trash but when they pulled away, there was a puppy tied to the fence.  Unfortunately, there was no opportunity to get the license plate of the vehicle.

When the puppy arrived at the AHS Newark facility, staff were horrified at the sight of this poor young female dog.  You can’t look at her and not wonder what transpired in her young life to arrive in the sad, neglected, starved state that she’s in.  Our veterinarian estimates her to be approximately five months old and sadly, she weighs just 10 pounds.  She was covered in urine and feces, as well as blood.  Examination revealed her to be extremely dehydrated, so fluids were immediately administered.  Puncture wounds were discovered under scars that were crusted over which are likely the result of bites from another animal, and her teeth are in poor condition for such a young dog.  Her overall body condition is very poor but despite this, she has a strong appetite and is grateful for all the help that she’s receiving. 

 She has been named Petunia and she is resting comfortably on many soft, clean blankets in one of our administrative offices.  Regardless of Petunia’s past trauma, she has the sweetest disposition. Petunia has been greating staff members with kisses and craves to be held. She is probably the happiest, safest, and most cared for that she’s ever been, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that she has every chance at living a long, full, happy life in a wonderful home once she has recovered from the terrible treatment that she endured.  If you have any information in this case, please contact our AHS Newark facility at 973-824-7080 or email:  newark@ahsppz.org.  Please consider making a donation towards Petunia’s care, and the many others like her that come through our doors in desperate need of help.  Thanks so much for your support.

Check out Petunia’s Progress! In just two weeks, Petunia has gained about 15lbs and is thriving in her foster home.

We’re thrilled to announce that in September 2021, Petunia found her forever home and has been adopted! Check her out with her new parents, thriving in her new home.

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