Fungus, Ringworm, Eye Infections, Oh My! Kitten Season is still in full Swing at AHS

September 20, 2021

Check out Three of the Countless Cats who have been Saved this Year

Ringo, when he came to us in August 

Our 2021 kitten season at AHS/Popcorn Park was greatly improved thanks to the efforts of our Animal Control Officer, Maria, but no matter the resources that are spent on TNR and bringing stray cats in off the streets, we still have cats and kittens come to us in need every day.  In just one August day, three serious cases came to us for help. 

Little Ringo was found on Aug. 2nd in Wrightstown by our vet tech.  He was thin and nearly bald, and was found to be infested with various parasites and positive for three different types of fungal infections!  Later that day, Angel, an orange and white female kitten, was found in Toms River in a lethargic state with a severe ocular condition.  The next morning, Ninja, a black and white female kitten was found near our facility infested with fleas, dirty, and starving. 

These three all received immediate medical care and started on the road to recovery.  Ringo is still with us while he undergoes treatment for his fungal infections and he’s making excellent progress!  Angel underwent surgery for her diseased eye and it was enucleated.  She is recovering and already adapting well to being blind, and is playing, purring, and loving life.  Both Ringo and Angel will be looking for fabulous homes to grow up in when they’re recovered. 

Ringo, after a month of Treatment!

Ninja, when he first arrived

We’re thrilled to say that Ninja went into foster care and completely recovered, and was then adopted by the foster! She’s going to have the best life ever now, as she should. We’re so happy that we’re able to give these three kittens all they need for a fresh start in life, thanks to our incredible supporters who contribute to our special Funds. Our ResQ Fund enables us to provide the necessary medical care, while our TNR Fund helps us to control the feral cat population in the towns that we service so hopefully one day, no kittens will have to suffer the way that Ringo, Angel and Ninja did. Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on their behalf.  The unanticipated expense of treating these dogs is many thousands of dollars.  Any donation, big or small, is so greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much for your support!

Ninja, after treatment!

Angel, upon arrival

Angel, after surgery and recovering

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