Popcorn Park Animal Refuge Takes in Mom and Lambs

October 20, 2021

Rescued from being Sold for Rituals, AHS welcomes Mom & Lambs

We received a call from our good friends at Freedom Farms who had just recently rescued many sheep and goats, they needed help in finding homes for them all. Freedom Farms had been contacted by a farmer that was trying to get out of the “livestock dealer” business. He normally sold his baby goats and lambs for barbaric religious rituals that sacrifice the babies to gather their blood. He said he had 20 orphaned bottle babies and several mothers with their babies, both goats and sheep. 

The farmer offered to sell them to Freedom Farms for $100 each, but after conversations with Freedom Farms, he decided to just give them up since many of them were just a day or two old, and he “didn’t want to deal with the headache of bottle feeding them”. Freedom Farms asked us to take a mom and her 2 lambs. We had the room and were happy to help. Now, Mama and her 2 daughters, Tic and Tac, are here with their own yard and barn and will live worry free. 

If you would like to sponsor Mom and her family and receive photos and letters from them 3 times a year plus free admission to the park for the year so you can visit them, click the button below!

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