Cardboard Box left Outside just Before the Storm!

January 10, 2022

Four Baby Rats saved just in time!

When the employees at the Berkeley Health Department opened a box left on their property, the last thing they expected to see was 4 abandoned baby rats!

Just this Thursday (1/6), a beautiful litter of 4 baby rats were discovered abandoned in a cardboard box without any food or water. They were so lucky to be discovered just before the snowstorm! When these babies were brought to the shelter they were cold and hungry, so our staff got right to work creating a cozy space for them to warm up and lots of food for them to munch on.

Often times our shelter sees much more than just dogs and cats- we see animals big and small! These adorable rats are just some of the diverse animals we serve at our shelter! They are so fortunate to be going to Little Furries rescue where they will find amazing forever homes!!

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