Cali & Cleo – Two Senior Dachshunds Looking for their Retirement Home

February 15, 2022

Cali & Cleo are looking for a home of their own

Meet Cali and Cleo, a mother/daughter Dachshund duo that are in need of a very special home. They came to us in September of 2021 when their family fell on very hard times. The girls needed a place to stay temporarily while their family got back on their feet. It turns out that their family will not be able to take them back, so the girls are starting over. Cali and Cleo were loved very much in their former home, and now they need a new family that will continue to love them and give them all of the attention and good care that they deserve.

Cali and Cleo have been staying in the Vinnie Van Gogh Recovery Suite since they arrived at AHS/Popcorn Park. They both had serious medical issues to contend with, so we’ve been treating them and they’re both doing beautifully now. They do, however, have special needs that will require looking after indefinitely.

Cleo is 6 years old and she arrived with an enormous mass on her belly. The mass was so large that it caused walking normally to be difficult. Once removed, biopsy revealed that the mass was a carcinoma. Cleo is feeling like a brand new puppy since recovering from her surgery! She loves to run and play, and she especially loves her squeaky toys. Since the mass was cancerous, the area will need to be watched closely going forward.

Cali is 13 years old and she has allergies which require medication, and she is also visually impaired. Her ocular condition will need to be monitored going forward. Cali is super mellow and loving, but she’s spunky too and can keep up just fine with her daughter while they’re out for a leisurely stroll with friends.

A quiet, restful home would be ideal for Cali and Cleo, and also one with no other pets. They are well-behaved, housebroken, and they’re very sweet, affectionate, and silly too! If you can offer the girls the perfect home where they’ll be together forever, please contact us at 609-693-1900 or email: for an application. Please consider making a donation on behalf of Cali, Cleo, and the many other like them that come to us for help every day.

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