This Akita is Searching for a Special Home after Transformation

May 31, 2022

Could this really be the same dog?? A couple of months ago, we told you the story of Scar, a 6 year old Akita that was surrendered to AHS in February in such a sad state. He was severely anemic, emaciated, he had missing and broken teeth and was suffering with an ocular condition. Extensive diagnostics led to a very grave prognosis and it became clear that an adoptive home may not be in Scar’s future. We sought out a foster home where Scar could spend the rest of his days receiving loving, end-of-life care.

In stepped Karen, Star’s angel. Karen fostered AHS hospice cases previously and most namely, gave a senior pair, Dutch and Septia, such a wonderful life at the end of their lives. We contacted Karen regarding Scar and she did not hesitate to help. She took the two hour ride to AHS/Popcorn Park and hoisted the sad, defeated Akita into the car, and life started over for him from that moment on.

“Scar”, immediately became, “The Star”. Karen began sending daily updates and although we didn’t want to get our hopes up, it soon became clear that Star had no intention of going down without a fight. Every update alluded to the fact that Star’s condition was improving, not worsening. He began eating well, playing more, he had more energy and his overall demeanor was completely changing. Soon, the improvements were reflected in his bloodwork as well, and we actually did get our hopes up!

We are elated to say that today, Star is a healthy, happy, brand new dog! He has gained a whopping 35 pounds and his lab results are normal. He’s having surgery shortly to repair his ocular condition and it’s really, like a miracle. We can’t thank his foster mom enough for helping to make this recovery possible.

Star is ready to move on to a forever home, and we hope to find a special family that will welcome him with open arms. Star is the nicest Akita we’ve ever met. He is incredibly well-behaved, affectionate, playful, outgoing, and he loves every single person he meets, including children. He’s also happy to meet other friendly, easy-going dogs. Star needs to stay on a prescription diet (Hill’s GI Biome Diet) and one medication daily. This is a small price to pay to have this loving, giant teddy bear of a dog as a part of your family.

If interested in giving Star a great home, contact us at 609-693-1900 or email: for an application. If you can’t adopt, please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Star and the many animals like him that come to us for a fresh start in life.

Thanks so much for your support!

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