Brian and Brianne find AHS in Search of a New Beginning

July 12, 2022

Brian and Brianne Need Your Help

It is difficult to describe what you feel when dogs like this come in here at AHS/Popcorn Park.  There are no words.  And there are no excuses for the person that allowed these dogs to get in this horrid condition, and then abandon them.  If you are infuriated by this, imagine how these dogs feel.  Surely they dedicated their lives to whomever owned them, only to have their devotion rewarded like this.  It’s gut-wrenching and our hearts break for them.  The good news is that they’re finally receiving the help that they desperately need.

Early on July 6th, a motorist spotted this senior male beagle wandering the patch of woods at the entrance to the Parkway in Waretown, NJ.  The police were dispatched and as our ACO was picking up the male beagle at headquarters, she received a message that there was a female beagle picked up at the same location that was taken to the county shelter.  She brought both beagles to us and now, the healing process begins. 

The male beagle, who we have named Brian, is in desperately poor health.  He’s a senior that has suffered severe neglect for quite some time.  He has terrible dental disease, he is completely emaciated, and has a terrible case of demodex mange.  Bloodwork revealed that he is also anemic and in early renal failure. 

Brianne, the female, appears to be younger than Brian and her condition is poor, but not nearly as bad and Brian’s.  She has a skin condition, cherry eye, and she’s been neglected overall as evidenced by her filthy coat and overgrown nails. 

It is truly amazing how strong and resilient dogs are.  Both of these dogs, despite their horrid condition, are wagging their tails non-stop.  They are so incredibly happy to get attention and would have you pet them all day if you could.  We cannot imagine how someone could have let this happen to these two sweet, loving dogs.  They appear to have been hunting dogs, judging by their behavior outdoors.  If you have any information on the person that owned these dogs and then dumped them, please contact us at 609-693-1900 or 

Both Brian and Brianne need a great deal of medical care and we once again, rely on our ResQ Fund to treat them.  If you’d like to donate towards their care and the many others that come to us as victims of abuse and neglect, please do so here: 

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