Brian the Beagle Update!

August 22, 2022

Brian and Brianne are doing well!

Check out this amazing transformation!  Can you believe it’s the same sad beagle that arrived in such a terribly neglected state just six weeks ago?  Brian is doing fantastic these days, and what’s more, the beagle that was found abandoned in the same place as Brian- Brianne, got a great home already!  Brian is still a work in progress, but we already have a great home lined up for him when he’s ready to go! 
We never did find out who the culprit was, that cruelly dumped Brian and Brianne near the Parkway in Waretown on July 6th, but we sure are happy that they were found and brought to us before any further harm could come to them.  Brianne’s condition was easily treatable.  She just needed some cleaning up and some TLC.  She improved greatly in a short amount of time and was ecstatic to start over in a loving home!

Brian has been receiving a great deal of medical care.  In addition to being anemic and in renal failure, tests also revealed that Brian has Lyme’s Disease.  The good news is, he is putting on some much-needed weight, his skin and coat are so much better thanks to frequent medicated baths, and he’s happier than he’s probably ever been in his life!  Brian is scheduled for some testing at a specialty hospital next month and we are so grateful to all of our supporters, who generously donated to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Brian and Brianne which enables us to provide this critical care.

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