Look How Petunia Has Blossomed!

October 21, 2022

Check out Petunia’s Transformation!

The stresses of shelter life took it’s toll on her skin and coat, but a special supplement from our friends at DOGtorRX helped her heal!

When Petunia came to our shelter as a stray, she had a healthy beautiful black coat of fur! She took being at the shelter very hard. She was incredibly timid and stressed, which manifested physiologically in her coat. 

Her skin turned very red and irritated with patches of fur falling out and no special shampoo, oatmeal treatment, or soothing balm could treat it, to the dismay of both our veterinary team and groomer.

After trying several medications to no avail, we turned to all-natural rejuvenation and vitality supplements from DOGtorRX who generously donated several bottles of their supplements to help care for Petunia.

Within weeks we began to see a difference in Petunia’s skin irritation and even hair regrowth! Now, just 8 weeks after taking supplements from DOGtorRX Petunia has completely transformed! We are incredibly grateful to the DOGtorRX company for donating this amazing supplement that has completely revitalized Petunia and restored her skin back to it’s former glory!

Now that we’ve seen significant improvement in Petunia, we’d love her to spend the rest of recovery in foster! Please email slaraway@ahsppz.org to inquire about fostering Petunia. She would do best in a home with teens and is also dog friendly.

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