Apollo’s Healing Journey at AHS

December 6, 2022

Apollo’s Transformation is Amazing!

What an amazing transformation Apollo has made!  Can you believe this is the same dog?!  Apollo came to us back in August when he was removed from a terrible situation.  He was extremely thin, sickly, and severely neglected.  He didn’t trust many people and who could blame him?  As you can tell by his big smile, that’s all changed!

Apollo is a 6 year old mastiff that loves life these days!  He received several months of good medical care and TLC and obviously, lots of good meals too.  He’s put on a whopping 25 pounds since his arrival and he’s feeling like a brand new dog.  Apollo has made so many friends and he’s a typical mastiff!  He’s protective and will guard you with his life, but he’s a giant goofball too.  He leans on you for attention to the point of nearly knocking you over, and he’s such a silly, happy clown when it comes to toys.  He’ll throw toys around all day and gallops around our exercise yard, having a ball! 


Apollo is now looking for a fabulous home to start over in.  He lived with another dog so if you have a larger dog, bring them in and we’ll see how it goes.  He would do best with no young kids due to lack of experience with them.  If you can’t adopt Apollo, please consider making a donation on his behalf to our ResQ Fund.  Animals in need, like Apollo, are the ones that benefit from your generosity and we couldn’t do what we do without you. 

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