AHS Rescues 19 Rabbits from a Hoarding Situation

March 23, 2023

Rescued and ready for their new beginnings, Popcorn Park and Tinton Falls shelters welcome 19 rabbits (including several baby bunnies!) 

Rescued by Animal Control

Our dedicated team is always ready to jump into action to help animals of all kinds! Yesterday, our team received a call regarding a large herd of rabbits in need of rescue. Animal Control Officers in Newark, NJ brought to our shelter 19 rabbits, including a mixed group of younger males and females, from the hoarding situation where overbreeding and overcrowding were major concerns.

Arrangements were quickly made to transport them to our Forked River and Tinton Falls shelters for further care. Upon arrival, our veterinary team thoroughly assessed the condition of each rabbit, administering vaccinations, separating males and females, and treating any medical needs. They were even able to start the process of spaying the female rabbits to prevent additional births. Though the 19 rabbits are a bit underweight, we were relieved to find that most appear to be in generally good health.

Given Lots of TLC!

Our amazing animal care staff worked quickly to set up housing for each rabbit, providing them with fluffy bedding, high-quality hay, fresh water, dens, and toys. It’s safe to say our shelters have been transformed into rabbit headquarters, with crates filled with rabbits taking up space in many of our animal care areas.

Tonight, the rabbits sleep safely and soundly, in warm beds and with full bellies. After all they have been through, one thing is clear – these rabbits deserve a lifetime of love. Though they are still adjusting to their new living quarters, the rabbits are all so sweet and friendly, soaking up every ounce of TLC they can get.  We know they will make such wonderful additions to their new adoptive homes.

These rabbits are ready to hop on over to their new adoptive homes!

All 19 rabbits are available for adoption! We even have several baby bunnies! Are you looking to add a special, long-eared friend to your family? Please contact our Forked River and Tinton Falls shelters for more information on how to adopt!

Contact Us!

Forked River:

Email: office@ahsppz.org

Phone: (609) 693-1900

Tinton Falls:

Email: tintonfallsahs@ahsppz.org

Phone: (732) 922-0100

Caring for 19 additional rabbits is no small task. From bedding to food, rescuing these rabbits means a large increase in our expenses. If you would like to donate to their care, you can do so through our ResQFund. Your support helps us provide the very best care to these rabbits and hundreds of other homeless animals who come through our door each year.

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