Taz’s Tranformation!

July 20, 2023

From Rags to Riches : Taz’s Rescue and Adoption Story

Found Lost on the Streets of Newark on a Cold Winters Day

If this isn’t a happy ending, we don’t know what is!  Can you believe this is the same little dog?  It’s our old pal Taz, and he sure is loving life in his new home! 

Taz was found as a terribly neglected stray on the streets of Newark back in February.  He needed lots of cleaning up, and some good medical care and TLC.  Once he was back on his feet, the true Taz emerged and we saw a happy, silly, playful little two year old pup that wanted nothing more than to make friends and hit the reset button in his life.  It didn’t take too long for Taz to get discovered by some wonderful people that offered him the home of his dreams!

Finding His Happy Ending

Taz is now known as Buzz, and he’s all settled in at home, he’s so loved by his family, and his past is nothing but a distant memory now.  We thank his adopters so much for opening their hearts and home to a shelter pet!  We also thank our supporters so much for enabling us to rescue dogs in need, like Taz.  Congratulations to the happy family, and best wishes for a long, happy, healthy life together!

Congratulations Taz and Family!

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