Tilla’s Tale

August 9, 2023

A Senior Shepherd’s Second Chance at Happiness

This gorgeous senior girl should be relaxing in her very own home but as fate would have it, here is Tilla, at 10 years old, looking for a fresh start in life.  Tilla came to us with a confusing story of sorts that include her being given away, becoming a stray, and even possibly being a former police dog.  Whatever happened in her past is in the past, and Tilla is so thankful to be safe and cared for now. 

Tilla was in a neglected state when she arrived.  In addition to patchy hair loss, hookworms, and an arthritic and painful back end, Tilla was suffering with pyometra, a deadly condition that can affect un-spayed female dogs.  All of her inflamed and infected reproductive organs were removed, along with a very large mammary mass.  Tilla’s feeling like a brand new dog but unfortunately, the biopsy of the mammary mass showed a malignancy.

Although Tilla has lots to contend with, nothing dampens her spirits.  She is a bright, upbeat dog that is so happy to take a leisurely walk, trot after the occasional tennis ball, and, more than anything, get lots of love and attention from new friends.  Tilla is very well-mannered and she’s had plenty of training.  She’s even fine with meeting other mellow dogs.  Tilla is looking for a foster home and she hopes you’ll give her a chance.

Although her mammary mass was removed, the site will need to be monitored going forward, and she will need a few medications going forward as well for her joints, skin, etc.

Please contact our foster coordinator at laceyfoster@ahsppz.org if interested in fostering Tilla. 

Please share Tilla’s story to help raise awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering your pets.  Tilla could have lost her life due to the pyometra that she suffered with, and mammary cancer is more common in unspayed dogs as well.  We hope that you will also consider donating to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Tilla and the many others like her that come to AHS every day in need of a helping hand.

Are you interested in fostering Tilla? Please contact our foster coordinator for more information!

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