Suzie Needs Your Help!

October 24, 2023

Suffering from Chronic Ear Infections, Suzie needs Life Changing Surgery!

After arriving at our Newark Shelter, our veterinary team leaped into action! 

Meet Suzie, a small terrier mix facing a grave challenge. At only five years old, she’s experienced persistent agony of two chronic, unattended ear infections, which have left her ear canals severely stenotic, nearly closed off entirely. 

After an evaluation by our medical team, we’ve schedule ablation surgery for Suzie at one of our outside veterinary partners. This surgery is estimated to cost over $10,000. This intricate procedure will not only alleviate her pain but also pave the way for a brighter, pain-free future.

Help give Suzie the gift of comfort! 

The surgery is an extensive endeavor, involving two separate procedures and an overnight stay in emergency veterinary care to ensure a smooth recovery. Your generosity can make all the difference in Suzie’s life. Your contribution will bring her closer to a world free of pain and suffering, allowing her to embrace her forever home with joy and contentment. Please consider donating to Suzie’s surgery fund and join us in this life-changing mission. Together, we can secure Suzie’s future, filled with comfort, happiness, and the ability to enjoy the simple sounds of life.

Contact our Newark Shelter for More Info:

124 Evergreen Ave, Newark, NJ

(973) 824 – 7080

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