Wildlife Wednesday: Osprey Rescue in Brielle

October 11, 2023

Entangled in fishing line & trapped in a tree, Animal Control Officers rescue an Osprey with the help of the local fire department

This past Saturday around 5pm, we received a call from the Brielle Police Department reporting an osprey trapped at the trop of a tree. The bird was ensnared in fishing line, struggling and hanging upside down, posing a precarious and time-sensitive challenge for our team. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, AHS’ Animal Control Officers acted swiftly, realizing that it would soon be getting dark outside and time was against them.

To further complicate things, the Osprey was unreachable because the tree was so high. We reached out to several local tree services for assistance with no luck, and we found that the Brielle Fire Department does not have a ladder truck.

Thankfully, the South Wall Fire Department came to the rescue! Utilizing their equipment, ACO Luis Mercado was lifted in a bucket, allowing him to carefully free the injured osprey.

The bird was found to have a dislocated wing and was promptly transported to a local wildlife rehabilitation facility to recover.

The seamless coordination between Officer Mercado and the South Wall Fire Department showcases the significance of community collaboration in addressing these critical situations and helping our local wildlife.

Great job by all and a huge thank you to the South Wall Fire Department for your assistance!

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