After a long journey to recovery, Kali is ready for a new home!

November 10, 2023

Once Abandonded and Injured, Kali is Ready for a New Home!

Found tied to a fence with a bad leg wound, Kali needed urgent help

Kali is a beautiful girl who has faced far too much heartbreak in her short 2 years of life. She was found on the streets of Newark in September, tied to a fence and left without food or water in an obvious state of neglect.

To make matters worse, her hind leg was ensnared by a wire that had caused a grievous wound.  Not only was the wire wrapped so tightly that she was losing circulation but it was also cutting into her skin, causing a horrible laceration. Kali could barely hobble around on her leg and was clearly in a great deal of pain.

Kali looked scared and defeated but our team was determined to do all we could to help this sweet girl.

After months of rehabilitation, Kali is feeling like a brand new dog! 

Immediately, we rushed Kali to an emergency vet clinic where the wire was removed and her wound was cleaned and disinfected. She was sent home with strict instructions to stay on kennel rest to ensure proper healing and a full recovery.

It took 8 long weeks of rest and continual care, but Kali is feeling good as new! She has gained a significant amount of weight and, aside from the scar from her wound, you would never know of her heartbreaking past. 

Kali has been so sweet and affectionate with us! She is ready to put her past behind her and find her forever family. She has so much love to give and life to live, and we know that a special home is waiting for her!

Contact our Newark Shelter for More Info:

124 Evergreen Ave, Newark, NJ

(973) 824 – 7080

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