In Loving Memory August 2021

August 8, 2021

In loving memory of those who have passed this month

Bonnie Wofersberger from:
– Judy Karrberg
– Geraldine & James Cashion
– Dennis Bardo

Brittney Speer from Helen Herrick

Carole Starman from:
– Ted Anderson
– Karen Dame

Carolyn H. Thompson from:
– Jean & Patrick Mc Laughlin
–  Sharon Perno
–  Mary & Ronald Carr

Carrie Morris & Terry Bowen from:
– Mindi McCrumb

Charles Locha from:
–  Diane Fisher

Clare from:
–  Stephen & Pat Walsh

Daisy from:
–  Susan Deksnis

David Lesien from:
– Denise Moser
–  Nicole Dey
– Annie Reilly

Donna Marie Zimmerman from:
– Marianne Marchese
– Nancy Endresen
–  Donna Butler
– Irene Mazzola

Dr. Renato Ynaya from Filipino- American Community * Dev’t Center of Ocean County

Gladys Ernest from Joseph and Meghan Clemente

Hazel from:
–  Gianna Prospero-Garrow

James Polon from:
–  Debbie Salomon
–  Gail & Dave Beach

Jean McDevitt from:
– pamela hofmann
– Mary McDevitt

John Notte from Lora L. Paxton

Joy Gershkowitz from Marlene Monteleone

Kalli McCause from Julia Taunay

Kathleen Harper from:
– Joseph & Debra Pasquale
–  Eric & Sherma Heiss

Kevin Grady from Rolf P. Doeren

Lorraine Geneviere Connors from Kathleen Waldron

Marlee from:
– Dean & Thersa Edinger
– Sharon & Michael Vanderslice

Michelle Paternoster from Lynn B. Jackson

Nicole Marie Kelly from Drew Sapolnick

Penny from John and Linda Fleisher

Penny Lou Wilbert from:
– Adrianne Koerner 
–  Josie Petrillo
–  Benjamin Wuelfing

Robert DiGrigoli from Agatha Andrews

Rose Panarotti from Mike Dillon

Sienna from Janet & Randall Delciello-Scott

Susan Akroyd from:
– Maria Closson
– Victor Schwartz
–  David Suing
–  Nancy McFadden
–  Marilyn & Robert Halsey

Thomas J Betsch from Alberto DeStefano

William Scott from Betty & Harold Evegan

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