In Loving Memory November 2021

December 15, 2021

In loving memory of those who have passed this month

Barbara Lathrop from: Wendy Mairella

Betty Jane Corlis from: Nancy Corlis

Bill Newman from: Richard & Portia Della Torre

Biscuit from: L. Michelle & Dennis Kretzler

Catherine Lee DeMichele from: John & Eleanor Stevens

Christine Emolo from: Donna Gattuso

Diana L. Wolf-Wilbert from: 
Tammy Millard
Mark Peek
Shirley Schroedl

Douglas S. Voorhis III from: Jacqueline & Matthew Onofrio

Edward Hudak from: Kathryn Kraemer

Frank Pyckowski from: Roy Hermalyn

Harriet Siravo from:
Christina Antonacci
Kathleen Baechtle

John Estok from: Robin Allen

Joyce Dempsey from: 
Benjamin & Erma Peters
Corrine D. Vitella

Lisa Virga from: Integrated Care Concepts & Consultation

Rusty & Lola from: Phyllis Ewing

Lou Hack from: Joyce Jubach

Marie Casper from: Frances Libasci

Mochi from: Mori & Mitchell Langsner

Myrtle Green from: James & Cheryl Moyer

Papa Arnie from: Bonnie Brenner

Patrick Sloan from: Donna Gibson

Raymond & Ruth Curtis from: Noreen Spataro

Richard Bartlett from: Dana Cohoon

Romeo from: Alyce Swartz

Rose Frants from: Evelyn Vanblarcum

Rusty from: Sandra Coyle

Ruth Ann Curtis from: Noreen Spataro

Stewart “Danny” Jordan from: Berkeley Township

Tiger “BG” from: Patricia Derienzo

Valerie Brelsford Kelly from: Meggen Johnson


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