In Loving Memory September 2021

October 2, 2021

In loving memory of those who have passed this month

Robert Pecylek from: Mrs. Kostyc

Anthony Palomba from:
 – Regina Peters Kiss
 – Tarz F. Palomba JD LP

Arlene & Bob Wojtaszek from: Roxane Halter

Bill Mullen from:
 –  Blanche DiBlasi
 – Eileen McDonald

Carolyn H. Thompson from:
 – Elizabeth Thompson
 – Joseph & Gloria Borja
 – Mary April

Chloe from: Robert & Judith Gay

Clifford H. Snyder from: Randall Blauvelt

David Lesien from: Veraellen Vansanten

Devon Kuehnen, Sr. from: Laura Levin

Jennifer Peterson from: Helen Peterson

June Mari-Gras from: Sally & James Barkand

kathleen agnew from: Victoria Agnew

Linda Frigenti from: Tori Vicari

Linda Marie (Taft) Bailey from: George Worley

Lorraine Geneviere Connors from: Fred and Mary Madonna

Lou Hack from: Virginia Scarlatelli

Lucy from: Susan Hersh

Madison Brandt from: Mark Patrizzia

Mary Jane O’Hearn from:
 – Weber Display & Packaging
 – Andrew Da Silva

Penelope from: Tony Esposito

Phyllis Galinkin from: Robert & Karry Rosenberg

Robert B. Blatchford from: Laurie Simon

Robert E. Adler from: Brian Duff

Roseanne DuBois from: Linda Varga

Susan Akroyd from: William Aylord

Tom Molinari from: Laura Giffen

William J Mullen from: Erica Mullen

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