In Loving Memory October 2021

November 12, 2021

In loving memory of those who have passed this month

Bailey from: Liz Maslanka

Carolyn Thompson from: Gloria Keynton

Chloe from: Karen Clews

David Lesien from: Amy Smith

Douglas S. Voorhis, III from:
– Merna Clemens
– Mary Ellen Martin
– Michael Picciano

Ellen Schoenberg from:
– Dora Sims
– Denise & William Koetas

Gracie Lynn from: Jenna Caroccia

James Donovan from: Theresa Giambrone

James McGuinness from:
– Steve Boffoli
– Joan Moore
– Sydney Melendez

Jean McDevitt from: James & Patricia McDevitt

Jenn Soden from: Erich Kraus

John Estok from:
– Carol & Steve Csogi
– Susan Csapo
– Robin Allen
– Christine Perlack
– Michael & Joanne Estok

Joseph Valentine from: Courtney Schlick

Kashmir Lee Griggs-Brown from: Alison Bull

Kevin Grady from: CustomInk LLC

Linda Marie (Taft) Bailey from: Barbara Muccie

Lois Meyh from: Juliet Haughland

Mary Louise Senkarik from: Joan Wagenheim

Mary Prati from: Clara Burke

Milo Scafa from: Lori & Mitchell Langster

Patricia Devine from: Anita Cava

Richard Koehler from: Colleen McGill

Richard Kovel from: Joyce & Patricia Saar

Rose Frantz from:
– Mary Hwang
– Michael Fulkerson
– Jennifer Cartelli
– Donna Van Blarcum
– Karen Van Blarcum

Rose Panarotti from:
– Clare Kaberle
– Robert Kane

Salem from: Gretchen Varelli

Sally Schiller from: Edward & Marlene Verna

Sandra Wooley from: Debora Forstyhe

Saralee Harrell from:
– Sharon Thompson
– Joanna Dickert
– David & Kathleen Guilinger

Stella Needleman from: Bonnie Pastman

Sydney from: Elanor Voight

Thomas Tapke from:
-Raymond Hippeli
-Annmarie  & Warren Hippeli
– Roger & Wanda Bien

William J. Newman from: Jennifer Langlais

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